Sunday, 1 November 2015

Read Out of Time Online

Out of Time Comic is now available to read completely free online.

Follow this link to read it on the Comic Fury web hosting site. I'll be posting a page a week. Keep up to date by subscribing.

As you can read on the post below, Out of Time, written by Luke Halsall and me, is a time travelling romp much like Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. It follows the time-altering antics of a group of civil servants as they attempt to put change history and the future.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Out of Time Comic Shortlisted for Award

Luke Halshall and I launched Out of Time Comic in July 2014. Since then we've had some great reviews and are both overjoyed with the story and the way it looks. So it's fantastic to hear today that it's been nominated for a SCIBA award for best comic. 

The results will be announced in July this year at the Glasgow Comic Con, so fingers crossed.

Work is ongoing on Out of Time 2 which will be available later this year.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Cuttlefish is Back!

After a long fallow period Cuttlefish is back.

Following a successful launch of Out of Time, Sci-fi comic done with Luke Halshall, I've been on sabbatical. But them days is over. Now it's kick to kick ass (bottom not donkey) again.

Here's a little doodle I did earlier today, 100% in GiMP. Nice but couple be nicer, I am happy with it nonetheless.

It's titled Midnight Samurai, which makes more sense than calling it Tea with Aunty Maureen or Ode to a Hamster.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Coming Soon...

Here's a taster a comic which is coming to you soon. Scripted by Gordon Robinson and art by me, discussions are proceeding with the publisher. It's an dark, action packed strip in the best traditions of British comics.
Will post again when we get more news.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Glasgow Comic Con 2013 Review


’Im exhausted following my visit to the brilliant Glasgow Comic Con yesterday. The Con was held in the CCA which was excellent as a venue and packed to capacity. Alexi Conman and I were representing the Paperjam Comic Collective.

Luckily there were a couple of onsite bars, I had to rehydrate with cider every 30 mins or so thanks to the incredible heat. Think of having a sauna in a greenhouse. But I’m told Glasgow’s climate is very similar to the Sahara in July.

It was good to see plenty of small press comic creators including GLoW (Glasgow League of Writers), Luke Halshall, Gary Chudleigh, Black Hearted Press, Ed Murphy and my partner-in-crime Gordon Robertson. There were some excellent panels with some 2000ad mega stars, Cam Kennedy handles questions in his unique and dead-pan style as well as some local small press talent.  II was mesmerised watching Yishan Li’s manga style portrait drawing.  The queues for the signings lasted all day, the 2000ad stars; Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner, Cam Kennedy, Alan Davis and Simon Bisley were all in demand.

As usual  there was packed with cosplayers, most of whom I had no idea  of. Luckily I spotted Catwoman and Wonder Woman so I offered to have may photo taken with them as they seem lonely as everyone was ignoring them.
I got some amazing comics, which I’ve only just started getting stuck into. But notable mentions from the top of the stack include AndEmily Was Gone and Vampire Vixens of the Wiermacht. And Emily… is by Iain Laurie and John Lees is a dark and sinister tail of an ex-cop who is haunted by visions of monsters. Iain’s distinct style suits the story perfectly and this is a masterclass on how horror in comics should be. Vampire Vixens… is an OTT romp involving almost Vampires, Hitler’s bodyparts and is definitely not for the faint-hearted or easily shock. Left me with a huge grin on my face, absolutely wonderful.

The evening event was excellent, a Chinese buffet eating too quickly and several pints too many meant I was very shaky in the morning. But it was worth it.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Comics on Sale at the Baltic

On 14 and 15th June I'll be selling some of my comics at the BABF event held in the Baltic. I'll be sharing a stall with Paul Thompson and Nigel Maughan. On sale will be Taxonauts and Giga comics. Come along for a chat or buy an armful of comics. Find out more about the event at the link below.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Giga Comic now on Comicsy

My Giga comic is now available to buy digitally on Comicsy. For a small fee you experience the joy of owning a digital masterpiece about a giant monster's quest to leave his life of violence behind.

Click here to get your copy

Go on, you know you want to.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sam Slade Strip in Zarjaz

Mr Paul Thompson and I have just got a strip in Zarjaz comic due out soon. Titled 'The Best Man' it's our homage to Robohunter, the Sam Slade strip which originally appeared in 2000ad comic. Make sure you get a copy.

Sam Slade was a hero of mine during the 80's when Robohunter was a rgeular in 2000ad. I loved Gibson's art style and inking. The stories were great as well, with humour and action in equal message coupled with his group of pretty useless robot and infant human sidekicks.

Some of the inital sketches will appear on my Deviantart page over the next few days. Here's Sam and here's Hoagy.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Batman by Me

I've finally drawn a Batman and here it is. I've never been a fan of superhero comics, but since the days of Arkham Asylum I've liked the dark and ambiguous Batman comics. I've always thought of him as an evil brooding unhinged loon with a host of problems. So I drew him exactly that way, framed against a stormy Gotham City skyline staring down his victims. I may try to have a go at some of the villains sometime soon.

It was drawn totally in GiMP with a wacom tablet no paper was involved whatsoever. It took me a couple of hours on sunday night.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dead Roots Comic

I've just finished drawing a six page zombie comic. This was for a new webcomic called Dead Roots here's the website. The script, Eleventh Plague, written by Darren Ellis, was good and after a while I got the hang of drawing is slightly differently to my normal style. The story is now being coloured by a lady whose name has slipped my mind.

Dead Roots is edited by Mike Garley and will soon be available on all types of electronic things. I'm not sure exactly how you get hold of a copy, you probably need an app or someother type of wizardry. At the moment it is planned as a 4 issue publication. Not sure what issue my strip will appear in. The other contributors' work that I've seen look amazing and there's some top-drawer folk involved.

I might post a few panels in a while but at the minute I'm just having a rest.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Canny Comic Con

The Canny Comic Con is on!!!

December 2012 has just got more amazing coz the Canny Comic Con is on again at Newcastle Central Library.

Like last year, Paul Thompson and I did the posters. I titled this one Comic Delivery Man, but it's more of an Interstellar Comic Transportation Space Wasp. I might draw a couple more posters with different styles and subjects.

All the blurb about the convention is here on the blog. It should be on the same laid back format as last year, but with more stuff. There'll be panels, workshops, stalls, masterclasses and appearances from some North East Comic heroes. Come along, it's free and it'll be amazing.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Space Marine Illustration

This is a drawing of a Space Marine. Done in a old-school 2000ad style with hatching and plenty of black. I love the bloke's face, I'm really pleased with his expression and an the stark style of his armour. I didn't want him to look tool robotic or mecha so I added the leather belts across his chest.

I've never played any Warhammer games, but I was really into the lead figures when I played Dungeons and Dragons in my youth. I was a bit of a star when it came to painting them. I've still got my best ones in the wardrobe.

The drawing and inking only took an hour or so. I did it A5 size. The colour and shading was added in GiMP.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Geek Syndicate Interview

Gordon and I recently did an interview for the Geek Syndicate website. It was mainly about Arsecancer but also other projects and Paperjam Comics Collective. Gordon sounds like the brings of the outfit. I sound as mad as a fish, which is exactly what I am.

Read the interview here.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Sausage Restaurant Cartoon

A little cartoon of a puzzled chap (me) in the local sausage restaurant surrounded by sauce, ketchup, mustard, pepper,salt, vinegar, gravy, oil and strange things without names.

I did this on the plane when on holiday, I always intended to add colour, shading or hatching, but have never quite got round to it. When I get some spare time I'll give it a go.

It's posted on Deviantart so click on the image if you want to see it full size.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Carlisle Megacon

Had an excellent Saturday at Megacon in Carlisle with some members of Paperjam .Paul, Britt, Lydia and James staffed the Paperjam Comics table, Andy, Gary and Daniel were also there. A great day with good crowds, although Small Press was new to them so sales were a bit light. Mike D ran a busy comic jamming workshop making collaborative comics and it was great to see Matt Gan's amazing new creation Napkin Tales although printing may be problematic.

It was good to meet some new friends, especially Gavin Pollack and Dan Charnley. Also had good chats with Graeme Neil Reid (2000ad) and Sha Nazir (Black Hearted Press). It was good to see how other artists worked and watch their techniques.

As usual there were plenty of cosplay action from Manga characters I've never heard of but at least I recongnised the Alien, Predator and Strormtrooper. Nice to hear from Andy Diggle, Jim Alexander and Sean Phillips at the panel they ran.

A nice, well organised event at a great venue. Looking forward to it next year.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Horror Sketch

This is an ink sketch of various nightmare characters. Based on the style of old horror comics I did it over a few days on and off and while at Paperjam comics sessions. Quite nice to do with plenty of cross hatching.

It's a bit of a mish-mash of undead warriors, monsters, bizarre surgical experiments, an amazon babe, sci-fi bits and pieces and a strange fellow in a character.

Drawn A5 size using ink markers and a brush pen. I had no plans to do anything with it when I drew it but now might work it up a little. Needs to be tidied up a little to make it look nice.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Space Zombie Ink Illustration

In an idle few moments I created something in a different style to my normal stuff. It could be a Space Zombie or perhaps Wing Commander Rotting Skull of the Royal Space Force. Anyway whatever it is it looks nice (albeit disturbing). I like this sort of horror style as a bit of a homage to Simon Bisley in the old days.

I people like the style I'll do some more stuff.

Pen and ink sketch on A5 paper finished off in GiMP.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cthulhu Lithoplane

Here's an image of Cthulhu drawn in the style of an green lithoplane image.

The original drawing is from the Canny Comic Con poster and it was developed using GIMP.

Lithoplane is an ancient technique originating in China. The image is created on a ceramic slab which is translucent and allows the light to give it a luminous effect. I think the style works really well with the eerie Lovecraft monster and adds a sense of strangeness and horror.

Monday, 4 June 2012

PIcnic Update

Orford Castle Picnic

In my house 2012 is officially the Year of the Picnic. So to keep all of my outdoor dining fans happy here's a summary of the picnic action to date.

The early part of the year was frankly not picnic-friendly, but once the tropical monsoons abated, Team Cuttlefish got into it's stride.

The Garden
This was a wam-up event. It was very enjoyable and, after consulting the Internation Picnic Court, it was deemed an offical picnic event.

Gibside Chapel
A partial Team picnicked in a bird hide at the Gibside Chapel. An excellent session, and ratified by the IPC.

Orford Castle
A lovely out-school event in the grounds of Orford Castle in Suffolk. Excellent picnic fare from a shop in Orford.

Belsay Castle (Twice)
An amazing double picnic score for Belsay castle in Northumberland. One was on Jubilee day with hordes of other picnickers watching a day of medieval combat. Awesome, we also did some brass rubbing and listened to a hurdie-gurdie.

That's five so far this year. Of these 80% have been in either a National Trust or English Heritage properties. 60% were in ruined castles. These are amazing figures but are they matched by the British Picnicking population as a whole?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Speed Sketches on a Train

On my last train journey to glorious Suffolk I unwisely decided to do some speed sketching. I tried to draw some interesting things I saw from the window. I frantically sketched easy to draw items as they sped past. There's some of Peterbough, Ipswich, March, Ely and Whittlesea.

This sort of thing is only recommended from hyperactive geeks.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Thought Bubble, not this year!

Over the last couple of years, I've attended Thought Bubble in Leeds. I've shared a table with Paul and Britt in the Geordie Ghetto with the other Paperjammers. Generally I've had a great time. It's a great event that's well organised and I've met loads of amazing folks there.

But this year I'm not be an exhibitor.

My main bugbear is the Sunday session. Frankly, last year's Sunday was poor both in terms of trade and footfall. I had great sales on Saturday but next to nothing on Sunday. Also, two days sitting behind a table was too much. After an hour on Sunday I knew it would be a drag with much fewer people and a strangely flat atmosphere.

I've got no axe to grind with the event or anyone there, I'll be there but as a punter this year and I'll probably have a great time.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Newcastle Mini Comics event Roundup

Here's the full right up of the Newcastle Mini Comics event on our Newcastle 24 Hour blog.

It was a brilliant day and I had loads of fun. Paul and Ingi's presentations were both great, loads of people turned up, some great comics were made, everyone had a fantastic time. Then the beer and bait was ace afterwards. Thanks to everyone who helped. I'm exhausted.

What next? Loads of the folks asked about future events. What this space.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sexy Lollipop Lady

I've never seen a Lollipop Lady like this, but I keep looking.

I did this sketch using my Wacom tablet and GIMP. It was an attempt to draw a semi-realistic pin-up babe. I'm very pleased with her, she feels sexy in her skimpy outfit but retains a comic feel. I'm pleased with the way the cartoon underwear looks especially with the patterns on her smalls. The lace top was very easy to do on GIMP.

I might try some more ladies in different poses and outfits soon.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

My friendly Robot Egg Crowd and I wish everyone a happy Easter.

Prints and cards of this cartoon are available on my Deviant Art page.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Newcastle Mini Comics 2012

Here's the poster for our Mini Comics Making Event at Newcastle Library this year.

Ingi Jensson drew the poster, I just added the text.

Everyone's welcome to come along and have a go at making a mini comic. Or listen to Ingi and Paul's Comic Wisdom presentations.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I've been working on a new webcomic project with Paul T and Matt B called Interchange-V. It's at an early stage and we're still working on scripts and technology, but at least we've got a plan.

We've got a website. There's nothing on it just yet, but soon a little picture of a robot may appear.

Watch this space, it will be good, but just wait for a bit.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Newcastle Mini Comics 2012

It will soon be time again to make some Mini Comics in Newcastle.

We've got Newcastle Central Library booked for an afternoon of mini comic making fun.

Schedule for the day is

11.45 - 1.00    Comics Wisdom: Some comics presentations by Paul Thompson, Ingi Jensson.
1.00 - 5.00      Mini Comic making
The evening     Food and drink in Newcastle, venue to be confirmed but probably Weatherspoons in the Haymarket.

Event is free come along at any time. No experience required.

We've got a Facebook page if you want to have a look.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

2012 Comic Plans

After the Christmas and New Year lull I have finally got my comics mojo back (about time too as it is February). Over the last few days I've started drawing again in earnest and workin with some collaborators for upcoming projects. Here's a breakdown of what should happen for me this year.

Trainee Space Chef 2
Currently working on a fantastic new Trainee Space Chef script from Quinston. It'll be at least 16 pages of Space Crime Fighting hi-jinks. It'll be full colour and promoted mainly as a webcomic.

Project Robot
An eight page Robot project using an existing character. This is a great script written by Paul Thompson and will be fun to do. To be published in a small press anthology, currently waiting for feedback from the editor before putting pen to paper.

Secret Robot Project
A series of short stories using existing characters with a collaborator. Part of a big and bold plan which could be amazing. Can't say too much yet, very hush-hush.

Mini Comics Making Workshop
Arranging a Mini-Comics workshop in Newcastle Central Library on 21st April. Will also include some comics presentations from local comics gurus. Should be a fun event like the one last year.

Secret Webcomic Project
With collaborators Paul Thompson and Matt Bovington we're working on an anthology webcomic. It's just out of the chatting-about-it-in-the-pub stage but should appear soon as we are all keen.

Waiting for some scripts from Gordon but will continue this year. Delaying a little until we can get the blog sorted out and made more user friendly.

Taxonauts 2
Matt and I still have plans to do another Taxonauts, may wait til later in the year as we've not started talking about the script yet. Also, I need to find some more outlets and distribution channels to sell it through.

Canny Comics Con
Let's just see

It doesn't look much but I've bound to have forgotten something.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Beetle Drive Robot Doodles

I was at a beetle drive recently at a local church hall. As I was very bad at playing the game of beetle I drew a few robots in the panels of the beetle card. I'm very pleased with the finished result which was done with a biro and a couple of coloured pencils.

For those of you who don't beetle was a game played at social gatherings in the distant past. It's good fun and based on drawing parts of a beetle based on the roll of a dice. It's surprisingly good fun and is great way to get talking to people.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A***C***** Review in Comics Heroes

It was amazing to read a review of *rse*ancer in Comics Heroes Magazine. It's always great to read a good review about something you've done but this was is a proper magazine on sale in WH Smith so it made it sort of official.

Anyway the review described AC as "...incredibly funny, jaw-droppingly honest and, frankly, inspiring, utterly refusing to wallow in self pity." Which was pretty much what we were aiming at. They gave us four stars and like my "expressive artwork".

What made this even better was that neither Gordon or I had chased Comic Heroes for a review and it came totally out of the blue for both of us.

I'm chuffed.