Web Comics

Out of Time
Created by Luke Halsall and me, Out of Time is a time travelling romp about a team of civil servants who try to re-write the future. It's available free on Comics Fury website.

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Arse Cancer

An online comic scripted by Gordon Robertson about our experiences of cancer, its treatments and effects. We were both vexed by the media's lazy take on cancer and cancer suffers (brave victims or devices for maudlin sentimentality) and decided to do something different. Sometimes offensive it is a often uncomfortable record of cancer's humorous and less-than-humorous aspects.

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Mysterious Invisible Scotsman
My favourite little one-off online comic strip, dealing with the complex issues of xenophobia, lost love and shortbread theft.
As Mike from Travelling Man said "I love seeing robots cry".

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Alpha and Omega
The first and last strips for Paperjam's History...and that anthology. Dealing with the gods and their creation of the universe. I'm really pleased with it and it combines humour and pathos. Exhibited at the Made in Newcastle shop earlier in 2011.

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Bacillus Philistinus
An short online comic strip about a world weary bacterial. Contains a hidden message which no one else has been bothered to find. Too bad, but I like it.
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