Sexy Lollipop Lady

I've never seen a Lollipop Lady like this, but I keep looking.

I did this sketch using my Wacom tablet and GIMP. It was an attempt to draw a semi-realistic pin-up babe. I'm very pleased with her, she feels sexy in her skimpy outfit but retains a comic feel. I'm pleased with the way the cartoon underwear looks especially with the patterns on her smalls. The lace top was very easy to do on GIMP.

I might try some more ladies in different poses and outfits soon.


  1. So that's what they wear under their hi-vis jackets.

  2. Nice Kevin O'Neill esq lines there fella :-)

  3. Cheers. I'm not sure if actual lollipop ladies look like this. But if you do spot one let me know.
    Good observation on the lines Paul, but it wasn't intentional. I was trying to get GIMP to give me the look I wanted, so is a bit of a compromise.


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