Trainee Space Chef

Trainee Space Chef, the Space Golf Caper, the new comic by Alexi Conman and Cuttlefish.

Maria is back with her latest crime-busting cosmic cookery comic adventure!!!

The sporting spectacle of the upcoming galactic space golf tournament is the cause of much excitement - especially for the students of the prestigious Asimov-Ramsey Academy of Space-Catering, who have been allocated responsibility for providing refreshments to the players traversing the course across the moons of Epsilon-Gamma-12.

Diligent Maria McMurdo and underachieving Norton Hollandaise are stationed on moon thirteen. Everything seems to be going well until the tournament is thrown into chaos by the revelation that a daring heist has occurred right under the noses of the organisers and space golf viewing public.

With only experimental cuisine and youthful pep on their side, what can our heroes do? Will the pair be able to keep the players refreshed? Will they be able to foil the devious crime? Will Maria ever get an 'A' grade from Professor Battenberg? Find out in


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