Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Robot Crime Casebook Comic

Mysterious Invisible Scotsman is my favourite short comic strip. I love everything about it.
It's a tale of heartbreak, all-day drinking, bagpipes, shortbread, petty bigotry and robots.

Ink on paper, shaded and lettered in GIMP.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Friday, 24 June 2011

Alan the Nasty Sketch

This is a sketch I did at last night’s Paperjam Comics Collective night.  It is a little one I did one biro with a page from Mike D’s notebook. It’s about the size of a Post-it Note. I gave the character the name of Alan the Nasty. I always seem happier with rough and quick sketches I do on scrap paper rather than big and planned affairs on A3 size.

It was an excellent evening at PJCC and as always it was great to talk to fellow comics geeks.  Amongst the evening’s topics were 70s TV Sci-Fi, plans for a new Paperjam Anthology, Sapphire & Steel, Peter Wyngard, Jack’s new dice-based game and a new zombie board game. There were lots of other things chatted about too, but most were too unsavoury to mention.

I also got issue 14 of the Walking Dead (No Escape Zone). I’ll go through my standard comic reading preparation ritual before opening it. So I may spend a week preparing myself and getting excited about it.

Also had a look at an open box of Munchkin game. I have been looking for a new game to play with the family for a while and this seems like the one. But I ended up postponing the purchase as I spent my cash on the Walking Dead.

Paul, Hollow Earth, Thompson spent the evening drawing a couple of pages for the Music Anthology. Britt and Faye both made flick books, one about a plant the other about a chicken (‘A Chick Flick’, J Fallows).

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Alpha and Omega

Here's Alpha and Omega a two page strip from PJCC's History and that anthology. They were the very first and last strips from the comic and showed the beginning and the end of the universe in a cartoony way.

I like these both. Good fun with a bit of pathos. These were exhibited along with Giga as part of the Made in Newcastle comic exhibition held a couple of months ago.

Both drawn ink on A4 paper. Coloured with water soluble art pencils.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Platinum Memories

Diary Cartoon of a few of my experiences on Cisplatin.

One side of A4 has really captured months of chemo, its aftermath and living with cancer. But it's a start.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Diary Zine Yve's Party

This is my Diary Cartoon of a recent 70th birthday party we went to.

It was at Orton Hall in Peterborough and when we were there we saw the local attractions including Flag Fen. We all sat around a fire in an Iron Age round house.

Plenty of food and drink was also taken, a good time was had and happy birthday was sung.

Villain Sketch

This is a sketch I did of a cartoon villain. It's how I would look if I had money and was evil.

It's been posted elsewhere but here it is again.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sugar Glider Fan Art

Here’s a pic of the jokey fan art I did for Sugar Glider Comic. I’ve posted it online before, but I like it so much I’ve posted it again.

Sugar Glider is the fantastic and well-received Comic created and produced by Daniel Clifford and Gary Bainbridge. Its central character Susie is also the masked hero of the title. I illustrated one of Daniel’s scripts along with The Christian for Sugar Glider stories.

To get your copy of Sugar Glider click here.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Giga Cover Digitally Re-Mastered

Alright so it isn't the real cover of my comic Giga. But I digitally coloured and shaded this image using GIMP. Then added text also in GIMP to make it into a cover image.

I love the finished result. Now I want to go back and add colour to everything I've ever done. It was much easier to do in GIMP than I expected.

Giga was a 24 hour comic so I'll leave the the actual comic as it was drawn on the day which was black and white.

Although I like the cover Daniel 'Sugar Glider' Clifford did for Food for the Dead I may redraw it. I'd like to get more information onto the cover including the names of all the contributors. I want it ready for the next printing to be ready for Thought Bubble this year.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Easter Bank Holiday Cartoon Diary

Last Easter Bank Holiday weekend I sketched out a diary of the Team Cuttlefish events. We had a great weekend and I've always found it is fun to draw out the good bits of a holiday, party or event in a Cartoon Zine style.

We drove round Northumberland visiting the ruins Brinkburn Priory, Chesters Roman Fort on Hadrians Wall, Warkworth Castle and Aydon Hall all of which a English Heritage properties I think. Warkworth Village was good and the stroll along the River Coquet was great but we missed a boat trip to the Hermitage. Watching the Kite Surfers on Druridge Bay was great but I wasted about 100 photos failing to catch a decent shot.

It was Royal Wedding weekend and we celebrated by watching Newcastle Eagles Basketball Team win their final game of the Season. I'll always remember the risk of snow at Tynemouth while the rest of the country was sweating through a heat wave. I had to rub ice cream on my legs to warm them up.

Ink on A4 paper.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Queen as a Mag

Here’s a nice drawing I did a few years ago for a mate. He knew I was a cartoonist and he wanted a picture of the queen (?!?).  I also knew he was a fanatical Newcastle United supporter so I decided to combine the two.

At the time I drew this NUFC had the Blue Star logo on their shirts. Those days are long gone so I removed it before posting it online today.

I spent a lot of time getting her face looking right. It was done before I had a computer so messed around a lot with the photocopier to save the work between redraws. It was worth it.

It was drawn in ink on A4 sized paper and coloured using water soluble art pencils.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Manga Gardening Pantomine Characters

Here's a cartoon I did last year imaging the cast list from a Manga Gardening Pantomine.

It was fun to do and I like the way it looks. I've never been too keen on Manga, but drawing in a loose manga style with a cartoony look is quick and easy.

It was done ink on paper and then digitally coloured.