Giga Comic Cover
Giga is the tale of a monster's desparate attempt to end the destruction he is causing and used to once love. Sadly his employer, a demonic Mr Fallows, won't let him stop. Accompanied by Alan, his pet woolly mammoth, Giga begins a terrible journey to try to destroy Durham.

A darkly comic, sadly tragic tale of a monster's humanity.

Giga was created during 24 hour comic session held in Newcastle during 2010.

Black and white A5, 28 pages

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Taxonauts - Teabreak in Hyperspace

Taxonauts Comic Cover
Taxonauts is rooted in the fine tradition of British Sci-fi very much in the style of Red Dwarf or Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. It is very much our view of what the future will be like when Britain conquers space. Creaky, frustrating, bureaucratic and sarcastic. The story is set in a Tax Office in space and follows the adventures of two tax inspectors; Speigel and Gladstone and their amazing work-place based adventures.

Taxonauts is written by M Bovingdon and drawn by me.

Black and white, 32 pages

Food for the Dead

Food for the Dead Zombie Comic Cover
Food for the Dead is a Zombie Comic printed by Cuttlefish Comics. Written and printed in 2010, it was launched at the Thought Bubble Comic festival in Leeds.

It follows the stories of four survivors from a Zombie outbreak in North East England. Each battle their way through undead infested streets of Newcastle to reach the source of a mysterious radio broadcast offering hope and safety.

Written and illustrated by members of the Paperjam Comics Collective and edited by Cuttlefish. Each story is written with the powerful style and storytelling approach of each the creative teams.

Black and white A5, 32 pages 

Trainee Space Chef

Trainee Space Chef is a very sort comic written by Quinston Blowfish and drawn by me. It's a fun little adventure about a space crime caper involving Pirates, Crime and Cooking. First appeared in A4 Comics it is now available as a stand alone comic.

Black and white A5, 4 pages

Evolution and Beep

This was my first ever full comic. Created during a 24 hour comics session it tells the story of a robot who is present at some of the great events throughout history. Comic and tragic in equal measure.

Black and white A5, 28 pages.

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