Short Strips

Over the last few years I've done quite a few single and two page strips, mostly for Paperjam Comics. Here's details of those I can remember.

Girl on a Spring
Appeared in Daniel Clifford's A4 Comic. Excellent fun to do with a tongue-in-cheek manga style. To be relaunched at Thought Bubble 2011. Mentioned briefly on the Bob Fischer show on BBC Radio Tees.

Coitus Accordianus
Silly and slightly offensive strip for Paperjam Comic's upcoming Alcohol...and that anthology. Any description wouldn't really do it justice.

Mysterious Invisible Scotsman
My favourite comic, dealing with the complex issues of xenophobia, lost love and shortbread theft.
As Mike from Travelling Man said "I love seeing robots cry".

Characters for a Manga Gardening Pantomine
A bit of silliness trying to combine three totally unrelated subjects.

Fabulous Funk Fact File #4
A nice little strip scripted by James Fairley of GLoW (Glasgow League of Writers). On of a series. Nice and enjoyable to do with a great chap.

Alan the Confused Tortoise
A brilliant one-pager done with my daughter for another Paperjam Comics Anthology Space Monkey...and that. Targeted at children, Cuttlefish Jnr inked my pencils using our jointly constructed script. Got a nice little review in the Crack Magazine.

Alpha and Omega
The first and last strips for Paperjam's History...and that anthology. Dealing with the gods and their creation of the universe. I'm really pleased with it and it combines humour and pathos. Exhibited at the Made in Newcastle shop earlier in 2011.

My first comic strip for a Paperjam Antho; Robots..and that. Short and sweet, but I can't find my original artwork.

Valve and Transitor
A quick strip I did for a small Paperjam anthology. A valve and transitor battle at a leek show. A subtext for the battle between North and South, the Old and the New. Most readers said 'I don't get it'.

Art Repair
A strip for Paperjam's Art...and that anthology comic. Recieved indifferently by other Paperjammers and the wider public. I like it depth, humour and pathos with a hidden message, others did not.

Bacillus Philistinus
An short online comic strip about a world weaary bacterial. Contains a hidden message which no one else has been bothered to find. To bad but I like it.

Sugar Glider Stories
An eight page strip from Daniel Clifford's Sugar Glider Stories comic. I did the art jointly with The Christian (I pencilled and shaded, he inked).