Dead Roots Comic

I've just finished drawing a six page zombie comic. This was for a new webcomic called Dead Roots here's the website. The script, Eleventh Plague, written by Darren Ellis, was good and after a while I got the hang of drawing is slightly differently to my normal style. The story is now being coloured by a lady whose name has slipped my mind.

Dead Roots is edited by Mike Garley and will soon be available on all types of electronic things. I'm not sure exactly how you get hold of a copy, you probably need an app or someother type of wizardry. At the moment it is planned as a 4 issue publication. Not sure what issue my strip will appear in. The other contributors' work that I've seen look amazing and there's some top-drawer folk involved.

I might post a few panels in a while but at the minute I'm just having a rest.