Carlisle Megacon

Had an excellent Saturday at Megacon in Carlisle with some members of Paperjam .Paul, Britt, Lydia and James staffed the Paperjam Comics table, Andy, Gary and Daniel were also there. A great day with good crowds, although Small Press was new to them so sales were a bit light. Mike D ran a busy comic jamming workshop making collaborative comics and it was great to see Matt Gan's amazing new creation Napkin Tales although printing may be problematic.

It was good to meet some new friends, especially Gavin Pollack and Dan Charnley. Also had good chats with Graeme Neil Reid (2000ad) and Sha Nazir (Black Hearted Press). It was good to see how other artists worked and watch their techniques.

As usual there were plenty of cosplay action from Manga characters I've never heard of but at least I recongnised the Alien, Predator and Strormtrooper. Nice to hear from Andy Diggle, Jim Alexander and Sean Phillips at the panel they ran.

A nice, well organised event at a great venue. Looking forward to it next year.