Thought Bubble 2011 Roundup

Well Thought Bubble comics convention is now over and I'm exhausted. I had an excellent weekend with the Paperjam Comics Collective folk squashed in the Geordie Ghetto corner of the hall.

I shared a table with Paul (Hollow Earth) Thompson and Britt (Cutting Paper) Coxon. We all made some sales, with Saturday being the good day and Sunday being slower and quieter.

I met loads of great folk whilst there and will try to list them all below, if I miss anyone I apologise.

Graham Pearce (Sgt Mike Battle) - Excellent bloke and excellent comic
Metaphrog (Night Salad) - I loved their Louis comics, beautiful artwork and touching story. Picked up Red Letter Day. Lovely people.
Gary and Chris (Villainous) - Great chaps from Glasgow. Looking forward to reading issue 2.
Suzy Varty - North East comics legend. Great chat with her about Canny Comics Con.
Luke Halshall (Geek Syndicate) - Fantastic fellow I could have chatted with him all day.
Ed Murphy (Rough Cut Comics) - Great bloke, should be coming down to Canny Con. Forgot to buy any of his comics.
Philipa Rice (My Cardboard Life) - The family and I love her stuff. Picked up some real goodies from her stall.

My crowning moment was getting my copy of Cursed Earth signed by Mick McMahon. He then did me a sketch of old school Dredd in profile with massive chin. Excellent and awesome don't even begin to describe it.

Here's my Awards for the Paperjammers who were there:

  • Best Negotiator - Paul Thompson for the 'Starkings Gambit' technique. Honourable mention for Sophie and her Genki bargaining.
  • Best Sale - Paul Thompson and his print, he could of sold it three times over.
  • Most Difficult Request - Jack Fallows requested to draw a Tortilla (Half Tortoise & Half Gorilla)
  • Best Curmudgeon - I've decided not to say who won this. But one Paperjammer was complaining about the overly strict approach taken by the Rollerskating Chicks in Gold Hotpants who were policing the event.
  • Best Photo Opportunity Spotted - Britt Coxon, the roller boot moment was great.
  • Best Photo - Me. But some of the roller photos are too racy even for the internet.
  • Best Table Cloth - Daniel Clifford you can't fail with polka dots.
  • Most Considerate Significant Other - Lily Daniels, Daniel wouldn't have survived without her.
  • Best Resurrection - Gary Bainbridge, we thought he was a goner for after the Wiessbier.
  • Best Dancing - Gary Bainbridge, see above.
  • Best Sweets - Lydia, Lobster Tails were strange but exciting.
  • Best Artist not in Nelson - Terry Wiley, where's the justice?
  • Saddest Sight on Sunday Morning - Ian Mayor, Tales from the Hollow Earth 3 didn't deserve that.
And for anyone who didn't win an award just remember that it's not the winning but the taking part that counts.

I'll have to go through it all again in a few weeks at Canny. Excellent!


  1. "overly strict" in what sense? I mean, there are clearly some senses in which that would be ok.

  2. Great time had by all. Thanks for being table buddies.

    So looking forward to Canny.

  3. If I'm not the curmudgeon I thoroughly agree with him/her - bloody hotpant skate nazis cost me a potential sale!

  4. "bloody hotpant skate nazis cost me a potential sale" is the title of at least a chapter of your autobiography.


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