Taxonauts Cover

Taxonauts Comic is printed and on sale now. Or to give it its full title Taxonauts, Teabreak in Hyperspace. The long hard slog of scripting, drawing, lettering and printing has now been completed. The finished product is great and a cool addition to every comic collection. As you can see the cover looks ace and the inside is pretty good too.

Written by Matt Bovingdon and drawn by me, Taxonauts is an all-ages comic in the style of British understated sci-fi. It's a relaxed stroll through the Deep Space Tax Office with our wages slaves of the future; Gladstone and Speigel. It's got aliens, spaceships and meetings. Printed 24 A5 pages B&W with a full colour cover.

Taxonauts is now onsale at the Travelling Man shop in Newcastle and the record shop that Matt works in by the station but I don't know its name. It will also be onsale at this year's Thought Bubble Comic Con in Leeds and the Canny Comic Con in Newcastle. If you are there come along and say hello, I won't try and make you buy anything as I'm a very poor salesman. It may be available elsewhere soon.

"This is lovely"  ...... Lydia, Paperjam Comics Collective