Canny Comic Con Posters

The posters for the Canny Comic Con have been finished and are ready for the wider public to be amazed at.

The art was done by yours truely, the text and layout was the wonderful work of my Paul (Hollow Earth) Thompson.

The posters explain everything you need to know about the con, but more details of workshops and activities will follow soon.


  1. I'm a Canny (as in it is my surname) and I'm also a fan of independent comic artists and illustrators. What does one have to do to get a set of those posters, or even just the robot one. I'm a big robot fan as well. Anyway, I've joined the page through the Google follow thing and look forward to browsing your pages and seeing more of your work.

  2. Hello Tim.
    The Library printed all of the posters but we don't have any left. If you want I can email the jpgs to you to you.
    Pleased you link the work. I'll be doing some more robot stuff soon.


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