Glasgow Comic Con 2013 Review


’Im exhausted following my visit to the brilliant Glasgow Comic Con yesterday. The Con was held in the CCA which was excellent as a venue and packed to capacity. Alexi Conman and I were representing the Paperjam Comic Collective.

Luckily there were a couple of onsite bars, I had to rehydrate with cider every 30 mins or so thanks to the incredible heat. Think of having a sauna in a greenhouse. But I’m told Glasgow’s climate is very similar to the Sahara in July.

It was good to see plenty of small press comic creators including GLoW (Glasgow League of Writers), Luke Halshall, Gary Chudleigh, Black Hearted Press, Ed Murphy and my partner-in-crime Gordon Robertson. There were some excellent panels with some 2000ad mega stars, Cam Kennedy handles questions in his unique and dead-pan style as well as some local small press talent.  II was mesmerised watching Yishan Li’s manga style portrait drawing.  The queues for the signings lasted all day, the 2000ad stars; Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner, Cam Kennedy, Alan Davis and Simon Bisley were all in demand.

As usual  there was packed with cosplayers, most of whom I had no idea  of. Luckily I spotted Catwoman and Wonder Woman so I offered to have may photo taken with them as they seem lonely as everyone was ignoring them.
I got some amazing comics, which I’ve only just started getting stuck into. But notable mentions from the top of the stack include AndEmily Was Gone and Vampire Vixens of the Wiermacht. And Emily… is by Iain Laurie and John Lees is a dark and sinister tail of an ex-cop who is haunted by visions of monsters. Iain’s distinct style suits the story perfectly and this is a masterclass on how horror in comics should be. Vampire Vixens… is an OTT romp involving almost Vampires, Hitler’s bodyparts and is definitely not for the faint-hearted or easily shock. Left me with a huge grin on my face, absolutely wonderful.

The evening event was excellent, a Chinese buffet eating too quickly and several pints too many meant I was very shaky in the morning. But it was worth it.